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Speaker Event at Strong Business School
in Brazil
April 2
6, 2023

Executive Director David Ochi, Innovation Incubator at California State University, Dominguez Hills  was a guest lecturer at Strong Business School on the exciting world of entrepreneurship. 

Leadership with Soul
November 2, 2022

CEO André Lacroix, Intertek Group, inspired UC Irvine students with his breadth of experience leading multi-national companies such as Ernst & Young, PepsiCo, and Colgate.  He emphasized his 10 principles of leadership that puts people at the heart of his success. 

Intertek Group with 44,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries is a leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide.

Andre Lacroix

Chief Executive Officer

Intertek Group, PLC

Dr. Alan Luong

Global Vice President, Finance and Strategy

Intertek Group, PLC

Thank you, Professor David Ochi and students!

The Creative Life on ThinkTech Hawaii
August 16, 2022

UNITAS CEO Kelly Oto on the talk show The Creative Life with host Darlene Boyd, Ed.D.

"International Education as Cultural Capital"

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