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Custom Programs

Are you seeking an overseas partner to customize training?  Where do you go and how do you find the right partner?  Do you start by location or type of academic experience?  Is it in-person or online?  There are many factors to determine finding the right partner.

As an institution, custom designing a program can be a time-consuming and labor intensive process.  You receive a request for proposal, design a curriculum, and submit the proposal hoping to secure the contract.  If you get the contract then program implementation can tax your human and physical resources.  Is it worth the investment?

We have designed comprehensive and integrative online, hybrid, and in-person training for groups from 10 to over 200 participants working with institutions of higher learning, government entities, small businesses, and corporations.  Learn how we can help you get a greater return, find the right partner, and maximize your resources by allowing UNITAS to customize your program.    

The Process


Program Design


Evaluate and Reiterate

Our process begins with assessing your training needs and determining learning objectives, format, and time.  We work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure training goals are met, and during implementation we provide leadership and support.  At the conclusion, we evaluate training and provide you with results and recommendations for the next program.   

Custom Program Content
  • Business

  • Critical Theory

  • Education

  • English as a Second Language 

  • English Mediated Instruction

  • Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

  • Innovation 

  • Law

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Product Development

  • Project Management

  • Public Health

  • Sustainability Management

  • Teacher-training

All Programs Include
  • Program Design

  • Orientation

  • Awards Ceremony

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Program Evaluation

Image by Martin Adams
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