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Business Conference

The world is a big place and there are thousands of potential partners.  How do you choose?  Every university, college, school, division, or unit has unique needs making it a challenge to develop a healthy long-term partnership.  We take a comprehensive view of your needs and match them with potential partners based upon mutually agreed upon objectives and factors such as faculty, curriculum, types of services, and location.


We can help you build multi-tiered programs with one partner or multi-lateral partnerships giving your organization the breadth and depth it needs to succeed in your internationalization efforts.   

Types of Partnership Opportunities

Degree Programs

  • Dual Undergraduate 

  • Dual Master's 

  • Joint 

  • Undergraduate Transfer

  • Undergraduate and Master's (3+2 or 4+1)

Custom Programs

  • In-person

  • Online

  • Hybrid

  • Faculty-led

  • Study abroad

Student Exchange

  • One-way

  • Two-way

  • Three-way

Collaborative Research

  • Disciplinary

  • Inter-disciplinary

  • Multi-disciplinary

  • Trans-disciplinary

Faculty and Staff Exchange

  • Research

  • Teaching

  • Professional Development

Collaborative Programs

  • Visiting Student

  • Summer Research

  • Certificate

  • Microcredentials

  • COIL

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