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Valentina Esguerra Medina
Universidad de Los Andes

"Building effective long-term relations between institutions is challenging, even more so between international ones.  I met Kelly (Founder and CEO) three years ago in the process of designing the first personalized program for UNIANDES' Leadership program.  Kelly´s disposition, willingness to serve and professionalism make possible a new successful international experience for Colombian students.  Currently, we certify the third cohort of students, this has demonstrated without a doubt that Kelly has a great capacity for adaptation and flexibility.  It has been a great privilege to be able to work with her."

"I have known Kelly for many years as she provided leadership and support for me and my MBA students during their international business trip to California.  She is an extremely proactive person, excellent in communication skills and teamwork, and manages any unexpected situations well.  I would highly recommend consulting with her as she can provide innovative solutions to your international needs."

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Professor Isnard Marshall Junior
Fundação Getulio Vargas


Rodrigo Ciciliano
For All Business Academy

“The world has been going through fast changes in the way businesses are being done.  And, as new ways to provide it with solutions emerge, it is extremely advisable that teenagers start to realize it.  I felt it would be one of my school goals to provide the students with this kind of education and sought in California as a nice place to develop it.  I met Kelly 3 years ago and she picked up the idea right from the start.  We developed together a great educational program that was greatly enhanced by Kelly’s perception and know-how.  She took care of so many details and the result was only a great success!  The students returned home with their minds full of new perceptions and wisdom, and with their horizons wide open!  Thank you so much, Kelly!”

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