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International Education Consultants

At UNITAS, we believe in the power of relationships. 

The power to explore new opportunities.

The power to strive towards common goals.

The power to innovate and produce forward momentum.

The power to bring about positive change.

We elevate organizations by developing global bilateral and multilateral partnerships that inspire individuals and create life-changing learning solutions.  We develop and nurture mutually beneficial relationships that spark long-term partnerships to promote education, collaboration, research and develop future global leaders.

Let’s shape the future.  Let’s work together.  United as one.  UNITAS.

Working from Home

At UNITAS, we know how to drive results with our academic solutions for U.S. and international institutions and organizations.  We help you maximize your resources and bring a greater return on your investment.

At UNITAS International Education Consultants, we can help you:

  • Increase student enrollments

  • Meet qualified partners

  • Expand your global strategies

  • Build an international office

  • Increase your client base

  • Assess your programs

  • Design academic content

  • Source subject matter experts

  • Assess and update curriculum

  • Develop certificate programs

  • Design and implement custom programs

  • Provide custom program staffing

  • Offer visa, transportation, and housing assistance


Thank you for contacting us.  We will respond to you shortly.

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